Say Goodbye to Dry + Damaged Hair

As we begin to emerge from a long, cold winter, dry, frizzy hair remains the bane of our daily beauty routines. Here are a few pointers to help you take back control and bring those lackluster tresses from damaged to “DAMN”!

Don’t Forget the Fruits & Veggies!

Mom was right – fruits and veggies DO help you (and your hair!) grow healthy and strong. As with your body, your hair is affected by what you consume so it’s important to maintain a diet that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Lean meats, vegetables and fruits will make your hair happy and put you on the road to hair recovery.

It’s no surprise that what you put into your body will help you look and feel better, but the same rule of thumb can be applied for what you put on the OUTSIDE of your body. No, I don’t suggest rubbing some lean poultry on your hair (gag), but there are some important fruits and vegetables that you should look for in a shampoo and conditioner to build strength, add shine and keep your strands split-free.

Avocado Oil
Avocado is packed full of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins. Both rich and nourishing, it conditions hair, adds strength, softness and restores shine.

Coconut Oil
High in protective antioxidants, this “miracle oil” of the tropics suits all hair types and is light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbs for deep hydration and conditioning to the scalp and hair.

Plant Placenta
The plant-based derivative is packed with protein, amino acids, nutrients and lipids and provides nourishment and strength to hair while maintaining moisture, softness and shine.

Mango Extract
Mangos relieve dehydration, prevent water loss and restore and protect hair integrity – even in humidity.

Honey Extract
Rich in vitamins, microelements and minerals, honey is a natural hydrating agent that promotes soft, smooth and healthy hair.

Get an Oil Change

Damage has nothing on a good oil treatment!  If your hair is chemically-treated or just dry, brittle and despises humidity, a good serum can reinforce damaged hair by infusing protein, amino acids and other strengthening properties. My recommendation: The La Bella Super Shine Serum + Avocado Oil. Add just a dab of it to strands before drying to not only help polish and smooth the hair (what humidity?!) but also to seal the cuticle and provide heat protection. The additional boost of natural Avocado Oil also helps nourish your strands leaving them soft and silky.

Take the Heat Off

Hair dryers, flat irons, hot rollers – oh my (or should I say, Oh FRY!) As women, we all love our fancy styling tools but when you hair is dry and brittle, heat styling only causes faster breakage and takes longer to heal. Now I know that most women, including myself, won’t stop using these tools permanently. But there are a few easy steps you can take to help reduce additional damage and give your hair a much needed break… pun intended!

  1. When possible let your hair air dry – even just once a week! Perfect for those days where you’re not super picky about your look and won’t be running into that hot guy you’ve been pining after. If you must dry your hair, keep the temperature on the lowest setting and wait until it’s roughly 80% dry. You can still get great style with drier hair!
  2. Always use protective styling products on your hair before attacking your strands with their heated nemesis. A nourishing serum that helps seal the cuticle will be your hair’s best friend.
  3. Damaging heat doesn’t just come from our styling tools – natural heat from the sun can also make hair brittle, dry, frizzy and weak. When out in the sun (even in the winter months), try to stay in the shade or cover up your strands with a hat. Chlorine can compound the damaging affects so be sure to give your hair a good rinse after that refreshing dip in the pool.

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